High restricted area

Dark red collored range: There are airport zones where flying is absolutely forbidden.


 Alowed 2895 m above sea level - 9500 ft MSL

On area of  Slovenian alps we can fly 2895 m above sea level. Here we can find best flying places in Slovenia.


 Alowed 762 m above ground - 2500 ft AGL

Mostly in all Slovenia we have upwards limits up to 762 m above the ground.


 Alowed 305 m above ground - 1000 ft AGL

Flying it's alowed 305 m above ground. This is almost enought for local flying, but not for cros country.

 Aviation corridors

Here are Aviations highways where the aeroplanes have his paths in the air. On this paths aeroplanes flying every day and some times exremely low. In east Slovenia they have all airspace above 762 m and if you fly higher then 762 m you can light upon airplane, especially where are this corridors on the map.

 Critical points

 This points are totaly closed for "paragliders and hangliders".

  • Critical points A can be found west from paraglide triangle Kopitnik-Malič-Mrzlica. Especially exposed is Mrzlica where we can see airplanes extremly low.
  • Critical points B is above Trojane around Menina and Čemšeniška planina. This points attracts for xc to Gorenjska (Krvavec) but they are extremly in red area.
  • Critical points C is west from Boč and Donačka gora, where flying is alowed only 300 m above the ground.