Julijske Alpe
Wind Meteo Altitude
Landing Landing alt. Altitude dif.

Takeoff is accessible by ski lift directly from Bovec. It is located on ski slope, altitude 1717. There is a net on the ground to protect the gliders from rough terrain.

From Kanin you can fly to Boka waterfalls, further towards Tolmin and to the east into the heart of Julian Alps.

Landing site is located in proximity of Bovec, near village Breg. Landing spot is marked with wind sock.

Limits: Altitude limit 2900 m ASL. Proximity of Bovec airport, check the limits and follow them strictly!

WARNING: It is absolutely prohibited to land in proximity of base ski lift station (it is located inside Bovec airport no-fly zone)! High risk of strong valley winds on afternoons of summer days or on days with strong SW wind prediction!


Tomaž Cingerle (+38631419617)