Julijske Alpe
Wind Meteo Altitude
Landing Landing alt. Altitude dif.
Breg, Bovec

Accessible with cableway from Bovec. Exit cableway at B-station and walk for 0,5 hour. The walking path begins below cableway station and heads towards east. B-station of cableway is also accessible by car. From Planja it is possible to fly to Boka waterfall, towards Tolmin and further east into the heart of Julian Alps. S and SW wind direction.

Limits: Altitude limit 2900 m ASL. Proximity of Bovec airport, check the limits and follow them strictly!

WARNING: It is absolutely prohibited to land in proximity of base ski lift station (it is located inside Bovec airport no-fly zone)! High risk of strong valley winds on afternoons of summer days or on days with strong SW wind prediction!


Robert Komac (+38641662949)