Julijske Alpe
Wind Meteo Altitude
Kuk pri Livku nad Kobaridom
Landing Landing alt. Altitude dif.

Located 5 km SE of Kobarid. Access by road Kobarid - Idrsko - Livek - Livške Ravne - to the gate (about 12 km) and then 15 min walk.
Takeoff is at nearby antena and can be clearly seen from the valley. It is recommended to leave the car at the gate, where is enough space for parking.
Usual takeoff is towards S directions, take-off towards N is very difficult. It is forbidden to fly close to the antenna. Mind the line which is drawn under the southern takeoff. Note the altitude during the flight because on the south side of  Kuk and ridge Kolovrat there are no safe landings!

Landing site is located 300 m W of Idrsko village center, near the main road Idrsko - Mlinsko.
In Kobarid municipality the Adrenalin paragliding club maintains the take-off and landing sites. There are information boards at all take-off and landing sites. To fly at these sites it is necessary to obtain daily or weekly passes!


info@drustvo-adrenalin.si, Klavdij Rakušček (+38641953370)