Kobariški Stol

Julijske Alpe
Wind Meteo Altitude
Kobariški Stol nad Breginjem
Landing Landing alt. Altitude dif.

Located 9km west of Kobarid. Access by road from the south side Kobarid – Sedlo - Božca (approx: 24 km) from north side Kobarid - žaga - Učja - Božca (approx. 28 km). Road to the takeoff is unpaved and bumpy on some places.

Warning: With the general SW wind and thermal activity, the wind quickly becomes considerably stronger.

In Kobarid municipality the Adrenalin paragliding club maintains the take-off and landing sites. There are information boards at all take-off and landing sites. To fly at these sites it is necessary to obtain daily or weekly passes!


info@drustvo-adrenalin.si, Klavdij Rakušček (+38641953370)